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This email list is to bring you information about the Reach for the Stars Festivals.  We will use this mailing list to send you registration information, etc. Just being on this list does NOT mean you are registered - just must also register via eventbrite.   Our most recent event was April 2022; the next one will be September 30, 2023).  Be sure to fill out your status for 2023 below.  Specify whether you are interested in 2023 or whether you can't come this year but want to stay on the list.  If you are no longer interested at all, just unsubscribe at any point from the link at the bottom of every email we send you.  

This does not commit you to register; it just gets you onto the information list.  Be sure to use a home email address; sometimes schools block Mailchimp mail.  Similarly use your cel phone, not your home or office phone.  If you do not respond to the confirmation, or if you don't get a final welcome message, you are NOT subscribed.  Contact us at if you have questions or problems.

This email list is for adults or teachers who will bring girls, or for girls on their own (but they will need to have an adult to register them and bring them to the festival).  Each girl must have an adult chaperone, who does the registration for each group.  Each chaperone can bring up to ten girls. The girls will need to stay together, so if the girls want two different interest tracks, you must have two chaperones (one for each group).

If you instead are a presenter, exhibitor, volunteer, or sponsor, there is a different list:  contact Dr. Reiff to be put on that other list. 

To share this signup with others, use this link:   or Sign up on the mailing list or use this shortcut: 


..."Doctor Pat", Professor Patricia Reiff, Rice University for the LOC
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